What is Streaming Plug?

What Is Streaming Plug?

Who we are?

Streaming Plug is a social media platform specifically designed for video streaming, live streaming, and broadcasts. We make it easier for content creators to earn real money for the videos that they post.

Different from some of the other popular video streaming platforms out there, Streaming Plug does not take a percentage of your earnings away from you. Instead, you get to keep every cent of what your videos have earned for you.

In a world where big tech and social media platforms are bleeding content creators dry, Streaming Plug wants to ensure that our subscribers and content creators are able to receive the earnings that they deserve. We don’t deduct a percentage from any of our content creators’ earnings or their tips.

Instead, you get to keep 100% of the money that you earn.

Our Mission

At Streaming Plug, our mission is simple – we have grown tired of seeing just how many content creators are taken advantage of by unfair social media platforms and greedy video streaming platforms. With a focus on transparency, equity, and maximum exposure, our goal is to ensure that every last streamer and content creator on our platform has the opportunity to earn what is rightfully theirs for the content that they create and share with our massive community of passionate viewers.

A New Funnel For Income

Even if you’re new to video streaming and live streaming, Streaming Plug offers you a new way to build a funnel for income. During the pandemic, you’ve likely found yourself thinking outside of the box to generate income – and Streaming Plug provides you with a simple solution to start using your interests and your passions to build a new revenue stream.

When you become a member with Streaming Plug, you’ll find that we have channels for virtually every and any topic out there. From entertainment and film, to art, music, vlogging, plus so much more.

It’s time for you to see just what it’s like to use a real streaming platform specifically designed with content creators and their best interests in mind.

Connect With Us

Do you have a question about Streaming Plug? Want to learn more about our service? Having trouble with your subscription and account? Get in touch with us today by filling out the provided form in our contact us page. From there, a member from our team would be more than happy to do everything they can to provide you with more assistance.

Please be sure to include details regarding your inquiry, so that we may best direct your note to us. We look forward to hearing from you soon and helping you earn 100% of your earnings through live streaming and broadcasts.

It’s safe to say that the big and bustling world of social media has a good, strong grip on its users, viewers, and content creators. With that said, it’s about time that a new social media platform emerges to help content creators take control over their earnings in a fair, equitable, and transparent way.

What are you waiting for?

Start generating profits with your quality content